Bruno Teillard d’Eyry

Born in Southern France, Bruno achieved a Masters degree in International Trade, then travelled west to earn an MBA in Marketing and Total Quality Management at UW Madison. He spent two years launching the Canadian division of a French multinational before founding EurOptimum display Inc. in 1996.

Outside of the office, Bruno is passionate about mountain biking, dark chocolate, good food and wine, reading and hiking.

Leslie Diening

VP, Sales & Operations
Leslie studied Psychology at Concordia University in Montreal. Leslie joined EurOptimum in 2003 as an employee covering a maternity leave and she never left. With a constant grin and an infectious sense of humour, Leslie is a true pleasure to be around.

Leslie currently oversees Sales & Operations for EurOptimum, although her passions extend much further. She is a co-founder at Circle 21, a non-profit organization established in 2012 that provides support to persons with Down syndrome.



Michael Tripp

Manager, Corporate Division
Michael knows first-hand the excitement and challenges entrepreneurs face, accumulating much of his experience while operating successful manufacturing and retail companies. Michael joined EurOptimum in 2006 as a sales specialist and project manager, later assuming the position he currently holds as head of the Corporate Division.

Michael is a design specialist, an enthusiastic problem solver, a consummate salesman, and an approachable manager for both his staff and his clients. Michael has earned a 3-year Business Administration diploma at Durham College, in addition to a Human Resources Manager Certificate and a BA in Psychology at Trent University.

In his spare time, Michael is a passionate motorcyclist; he enjoys nothing more than exploring the open road on his K1200s motorcycle.

Paul Kaskens

Manager, Retail Division
Paul earned a BA in Economics at Queen’s University. Paul worked as a contract installer for EurOptimum in 1996 before joining in 1997, giving him the distinction of being the first EurOptimum employee. Paul started by working as Sales/Project Manager with corporate clients until the launch of the Retail Division of which he is now the Manager. Paul is a carpenter by trade, and owned an interior renovation company for a number of years. He enjoys technical problem solving, and thrives working under pressure.

Outside of work, Paul spends most of his time with his wife and children. He is continuously remodelling their house, squeezing some carpentry into it whenever he can. Paul was captain of his football team in high school, and although he gave up the gridiron long ago, he loves to remind us of his former athletic glories.

Trevor Dickie

Manager, Operations and Banking Division
Trevor joined EurOptimum in 2007 as a Project Coordinator, overseeing large-scale projects across Canada. Trevor quickly built a number of lasting relationships with banking clientele, which led to his promotion as Assistant Manager of the Banking Division in 2011. In May 2015, he became EurOptimum's Manager of Operations and Banking Division. Trevor previously worked at TD Canada Trust, and studied architectural fine art and urban environmentalism at the University of Toronto.

Trevor and the rest of the EurOptimum team prize accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness, especially when clients require national rollouts in the span of a few weeks—or even days.

Svetlana Zenina

Manager, Accounting
With more than 15 years of accounting experience and QuickBooks expertise, Svetlana does more than just “balance the books”. Svetlana loves process improvement and smooth bookkeeping. Before joining EurOptimum in March 2008, Svetlana spent 10 years straightening up companies’ deficient records with proper bookkeeping. Svetlana’s passion for accounting and commitment to her work sets a high standard of excellence within EurOptimum.

Outside of work, Svetlana builds on her passion for numbers through studying numerology.